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About the breeding

Dasso was chosen not only for his superior test scores and impeccable coat and conformation but also for the temperament traits he posses. 

   He has the proper Drahthaar drive to get the job done regardless of the difficulty while still having the compulsion control to sit in the duck blind quietly all day or concentrate on a difficult blood track. 

   Additionally, his lineage provides an established consistency of proven and tested over night blood tracking which we believe is only possessed by some of the most versatile lines. The traits needed to complete this track carry over into the other aspects of a versatile dog whether it be the use of nose pinning a bird in the high altitude mountains or remaining calm in the blind until it's time to track and retrieve a cripple across a marsh. 

   With the breeding of Dasso to Donna these traits will be apparent in the pups given both dogs have this proven lineage. In this particular breeding there is a match up on the famous B litter Vom Richtof. This litter is known for producing extraordinary dogs and can be found on the pedigree of many top performing dogs today. 

   This matchup was hard to find and we are extremely glad our persistence paid off to make it happen. we have high expectations for these pups. The stud dog owner reference information can be found on the photo below. 

Learn about Donna II Vom Fuchsberg

Please click the link below to learn about Donna, her test scores, and health clearances. There are a few pictures on the page. Many more pictures and videos of Donna can be found on our social Media Channels. You can find links to them on our home page. 

Dasso Vom Auwiese