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Verein Deutsch Drahthaar breeder producing authentic Drahthaar puppies


About the breeding

We chose Falk as a stud dog believing he would be the perfect compliment to Donna and help produce the genetics our kennel desires to produce . These qualities possesed by Falk are :

  • Calm Demeanor & Cooperation 
  • Early demonstrated pointing ability 
  • Superb tracking ability 
  • Scent Loud
  • Excellent coat for harsh weather conditions
  • Balanced ability showing adeptness at all aspects of versatile hunting 

Additionally when looking for a suitable stud dog we were searching for a dog which had one or more of particular ancestors in common which matching on would increase the propensity for passing on those positive traits we see in Donna. In Falk the common ancestor line is the "I litter vom Fuchsberg". The genetics found in this litter and their offspring is what rationalized the expenditure for us to import Donna. We wanted to capture those genetic traits and build apon them for future hunters to enjoy. 

   Beyond the strigent and impressive criteria that needs met to qualify a Drahthaar to be bred this "I litter Vom Fuchsberg" also has consistently demonstrated their ability to do overnight 20 and 40 hour blood tracks.

   While not everyone owning a versatile dog may have the desire to blood track we feel strongly this demonstrated ability is a testament to the dogs scenting ability, calmness, and mental facilities to be able to decipher and follow tracks of this age. This not only makes for a better blood tracking dog but a better retriever of cripples and finder of running birds. 

   It is also worth mentioning that many of these " I Litter Vom Fuchsberg" dogs have been marked as scent loud.  This is a good quality to have when pursuing game other than upland birds and waterfowl and a trait desired in a truly versatile hunting dog. 

   We believe a  versatile hunting dog should be able to hunt , point , and retrieve just as well as the best of the specialist while being able to transition seamlessly between activities. 

Learn about Donna II Vom Fuchsberg

Please click the link below to learn about Donna, her test scores, and health clearances. There are a few pictures on the page. Many more pictures and videos of Donna can be found on our social Media Channels. You can find links to them on our home page. 

Falk Vom Windigen Punkt