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VDD Registered Kennel

    Located in Draper Utah our kennel is registered with the German breed club and we are members of VDD Group North America. We adhere to the stringent VDD breeding standards that have existed for over a hundred years. These breeding standards ensure that each dog bred has passed the required hunting test, health clearances, and conformation evaluations required to be certified for breeding. 

     Below is a link to the Drahthaar North American Group website. 

Breeding Philosophy & Goals

We are dedicated to preserving the versatile hunting capabilities of the Deutsch Drahthaar. We strive to produce well balanced dogs that are adept at all phases of hunting and can seamlessly transition between task. The hunting abilities of a Drahthaar can be broken down into the following categories: 


This is the desire to search and locate game in order to produce for the gun or track and recover wounded game regardless of whether it's in the field, forest , or water.  Typical activities are searching and pointing game. Tracking and producing furred game for the gun by either announcing the route (loud on track German:Spurlaut) or by baying  or treeing game until the hunter can arrive. Blood tracking wounded game is especially important in the breeding and testing of these versatile dogs as it's crucial in  the ethical recovery of wounded game. This skill not only requires and excellent nose and concentration on track to accomplish the task but also requires the dog have the intelligence to work independently often working out difficult and unusual circumstances such as back tracks, checks, water crossings, etc. 


Pointing game as do specialized pointers do until the hunter can either flush the game or command the dog to relocate. The Drahthaar has a tremendous natural instinct to point game as well as the intelligence to learn proper bird manners in order to pin a running bird. 


Retrieve all shot game whether it be dead or crippled. The Drahthaar will gladly retrieve all day long and will collapse of exhaustion long before they lose the desire to retrieve. They have the natural desire to retrieve to hand and will spend free time parading around carrying  their favorite toy. 

If you are interested in discussing all of the game these dogs can hunt as we'll as the different styles employed please contact us. We would be pleased to discuss in much greater detail than can be articulated on these pages. 


Golden Triangle Commitment

     When purchasing Drahthaar puppies from Golden Triangle your getting more than just a puppy your getting support and help to ensure your hunting dog develops into the hunting partner they are capable of being. This assistance comes from two sources. 

Golden Triangle 

     As  a breeder we want to hear from you to understand how your dog is developing. We will take the time to speak to you about any concerns you may have and offer training guidance and advice.

For those who are local we will extend the offer to join us on training days or when available  and if desired make arrangements to evaluate your dogs performance and help with training. 


     We strongly encourage our buyers to join the VDD in order to benefit from all the club has to offer. The breed club has regional chapters across the United States which offer training days throughout the off season. These training days are a great way to learn proven training methods for versatile dog training as well as having the benefit of access to great training grounds, game, and assistance of others. Here you will also learn first hand about the testing system that makes this breed so great. 

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Draper, Utah, United States

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